200hr Integrative Yoga Teacher Training (YYT)


The Inner Quiet Yoga 200hr YTT is an affiliate program of Integrative Yoga Therapy’s (IYT) Teacher Training Program.

IYT promotes a strong focus on yoga that is adapted to the individual, making yoga accessible to all regardless of age or fitness level.

This practice model is based on the five koshas or layers of being – physical, energetic, emotions, intellect and spirit. A bringing together of the physical practices of yoga with breath work, philosophy, stress management, mudra (hand gestures), mantra and meditation to find balanced and supportive practices to foster health and well-being.


This training is for anyone interested in the practice of hatha yoga as a method to deepen their personal journey, a healing modality and a method to seek authenticity both as a teacher and individually.

This program is approved by the Yoga Alliance for certification.


Our curriculum aims to create a toolbox of skills and techniques to promote wholeness.

Anatomy and Physiology

Gain insight and understanding of the elements that create our inner structures and workings. Muscles and bones, biological systems and the subtle anatomy of the energy pathways, the chakras and pranavayus. Learn the common issues that arise in these tissues and systems and how to address them from the standpoint of yoga.

Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle/Ethics

Learn about the history of yoga along with the philosophical underpinnings including Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the 8 limbs of yoga and Samkaya philosophy. Study the basics of Ayurveda, “the science of life”. Build confidence in creating an ethical and grounded business/practice.

Roadmaps to Well-Being

Yoga offers us many elegant road maps to guide us toward wholeness. These maps are the containers or toolboxes through which we develop our practice and teaching. The five Koshas provide the foundation as we follow the trails of the Gunas (cosmic energies), the Kleshas (obstacles we meet along the journey), the Yamas and Niyamas (guidelines to live by), the Doshas (constitutional make-up of the individual) and the five elements (building blocks of balance).Through this program gain a clear understanding of the physical practices of hatha yoga: asana, somatics, restorative postures, bandhas, alignment practices  and how to make safe adjustments. Learn the practices of pranayama (breath control) and pranavidya (knowledge of the energy systems). Hone your stress management skills with body awareness exercises, relaxation techniques and the development of yoga nidra scripts. Re-connect through mudras (hand gestures), mantra and meditation.

Practicum/Teaching Methodology

This course of study includes in-class experiential learning, homework assignments and readings as well as class planning developments and practice teaching. You will learn the IYT 10 step class structure. You are supported in finding your authentic method for creating inclusive classes for a general or specific population with safety and awareness. To complete  the course there is an internship requirement which includes in-class teaching as well as the creation and execution of teaching a 4 week class.


Anne Ryan      lead teacher/facilitator

Anne was introduced to yoga while in university studying dance as a way to take care of herself and improve her performance. Since then she has studied a variety of healing arts and body-based modalities including certification as a registered aromatherapy health practitioner, reiki master and clinical acupuncturist. In 2005 Anne completed her 500hr yoga teacher training through Namaste International under the direction of Irene and Bill Beer. Then, following her interest in promoting health and well-being, she went on to study at Kripalu with Joseph and Lilian Le Page,completing her 500hr Integrative Yoga Therapy training in 2010 and is currently continuing with Integrative Yoga Therapy working toward an 800hr Professional Yoga Therapist certification. Along the way Anne has taken somatic coaching levels 1 and 2 with Martha Peterson, Functional Yoga Therapy with Maria Mendola, Principles of Mind-Body Integration with Anodea Judith and worked with many other gifted teachers. Anne had been working full time as a yoga teacher and healing arts practitioner for the last 12 years. Anne’s classes introduce you to yoga’s remedies for everyday life and tools to live more skillfully. Her approach is practical, lighthearted and very human, she’d love to have you join her on the path.

Arlene Dalton  teacher/facilitator


Arlene took her first yoga class over 40 years ago with Irene Beer. Then when she began to have health issues in her 30’s it was not surprising that she found her way back to yoga. She was introduced to the teachings of Swami Radha by Jeannie Guillet and as a result spent time at Yasodhara Ashram where she obtained her teaching certification.

With a background in Social Services and Pain Management it was not a huge leap for her to further explore Yoga from a therapeutic perspective. So, in 2003 she took her first class with Integrative Yoga Therapy at Kripalu. Since then she has completed her 500 hr Integrative Yoga Therapy program and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapist, attending their conferences as often as possible. She has trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) with Jon Kabat-Zinn and studied with Ray Long, Bo Forbes, Cindi Lee, Leslie Kaminoff and Nischala Joy Devi to name a few.  Her 25+ years of leading groups using a life skills and expressive arts format make her classes and workshops informative, fun and experiential.

IYT Resources for Graduates

Graduates of the 200hr YTT at Inner Quiet Yoga are eligible to join the IYT community with access to valuable resources to aid you in continuing your journey. Join the IYT Talk Group online, IYT library, IYT Teacher Directory and receive the IYT newsletter. This training is a pre-requisite for the IYT accreditation program at Kripalu as recognized by IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists).


$3200.00 +HST

$300.00 deposit required to confirm registration

payment options: cash, cheque, e-transfer – payment by installment available

NEXT Training begins March 2020

Weekend format: Friday 6 – 8:30pm, Saturday 9am – 6pm, Sunday 9am  – 6pm


2020 Mar 6 – 8/ Apr 3 – 5/ May 1 – 3/ May 29 – 31/ June 26 – 28/ July 24 – 26/ Aug 21 – 23/ Sept 18 – 20/ Oct 16 – 18/ Nov 13 – 15

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