Roadmaps to Well-Being

In the practice of yoga we are given several elegant roadmaps to help us create radiant health and well-being. These included, but are not limited to, the chakras (energy centers) system, the five elements, the five koshas (layers of being), plus mindfulness and meditation tools. Here at Inner Quiet Yoga we offer programming to introduce you to these maps, help you explore and find your path to wholeness.

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IYT – Coping With Change: Women in Midlife

Are you facing the shifts of menopause – some sleepless nights, changes in energy, slowing metabolism? You’ve raised your kids and they’ve taken flight and now your parents need your attention? You’ve worked hard to create your career and now you are working even harder to sustain it? Midway through your life is your sense of yourself feeling a little foggy?

In these eight weeks commit to some self-care, to clarify your focus, replenish your health and well-being toolbox and take time to reflect and rejuvenate.

Wednesdays 5:15 – 6:45 pm, January 18 -March 8

$128 or $100 if taking a second class/week

Chakra Series

with Anne Ryan

Go in depth and learn about the seven major energy centres that make up your chakra system. This energy system supports physical, emotion and spiritual integrity and balance. This experiential journey combines yoga posture practice, meditation, mudras and background information.

Saturdays 10 am – 12 noon


Muladhara (root) -supports the physical body, basic survival (safety and security), manifestation and creates the container we have on our journey

Svadhisthana (sacral)– supports the ability to make change, emotional intelligence, ability to nurture self and others, create healthy boundaries, enjoyment of life, intimacy

Manipura (solar plexus) – encourages a positive sense of self, our ability to chose right action, spontaneity, confidence, help us regulate how we use our energy

Anahata (heart)–  caring and compassion, empathy, acceptance, finding a calm and peaceful centre

Vishuddha (throat) -clear communication inside and out, supports us in building a creative life

Ajna (brow) – fostering insight and intuitive, the ability to visualize, support memory and intellect

Sahasrara (crown) – spirituality, connection and wholeness


1 class – $25 – for that one chakra you want to explore specifically

7 classes – $140 – when you are available for all the dates and you want the whole journey


medha prana kriya

Meditation Toolbox

Think that sitting in stillness or feeling a sense of peace and calm in your life are impossible goals? Take six weeks, learn simple tools (somatics, breath, mantra, more)… transform your life.