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Showing up for ourselves is a challenge. Sometimes it helps to have someone to meet. Want to get your yoga practice back on track but the 9 to 5 won’t let you show up for the IQYDaily practice? This online offer is for you!

IQYEvenings includes two online classes Monday and Thursday evenings per week. Monday is a more active and energizing practice to help you start your week. Thursday’s class helps you unwind and let go of tension and stress. If you can’t make it to the ‘live’ online class these classes will be recorded and available for you to download for a limited period of time. Plus you’ll have access to a weekly recorded mudra meditation practice and a yoga nidra or guided meditation!

These classes are available as a six week series.You are welcome to join in at anytime and the fee will be pro-rated to reflect the remaining weeks left in this package. To sign up please send in the Sign Up Form.

Format: online

Early Winter Session: Mondays and Thursdays, 7 – 8pm ~ Jan 4 – Feb 11~ $101.70

payment: e-transfer to (preferred) or other arrangement (please contact)

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 Inner Quiet Yoga
 Open: January 4, 2021
 Next: January 21, 2021
 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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