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Body Ease Somatics

An IQY favourite! A somatic based practice to maintain range of motion and healthy body function. Somatics are simple practices performed with awareness to help improve communication between body and brain. Restore efficient movement, create better postural alignment, build core strength,  and move with greater ease. Floor work is necessary! Suitable for everyone.

Early Winter Session: Tuesdays 1 – 2 pm ~ Start delayed TBA

payment: e-transfer to (preferred), or other arrangement (please contact)

Things to know:

  • These classes will be recorded and available to download for a limited time so if you can’t make all the classes you can still receive the benefits 🙂
  • You will receive feedback in this class. You will have a better experience if your camera is adjustable so that I can see you on your mat.
  • Few props are necessary aside from your mat but you may want to have a block, blanket and wall space available.


Class Information

 Open: November 3, 2020
 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

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