What Are Somatics Anyway?

In my last post I was explaining the IQYDaily practice classes, so this time I thought I’d give you the head’s up about Body Ease Somatics!

Somatic practices are a method to experience your body from the inside out. These gentle and simple practices are a way to re-educate your body to move with ease and efficiency, re-connecting places of mis-connection in the body-mind system.

While there are some standing and seated movements, many of these movements are performed on the floor on a yoga mat, requiring very little else in terms of props/tools. You may have run into some of these practices in the warmup portion of your yoga class!

How might you benefit from learning somatics?

  • release the patterns our bodies create in response to stress
  • reduce pain, including chronic back, neck and shoulder pain
  • ease stiffness and foster flexibility
  • allow the body to relax more deeply
  • be empowered to help yourself feel better

In the first session of classes this fall the Body Ease Somatics class is happening online on Tuesdays 1-2pm, starting Sept 8 until Oct 13.

You are encouraged to make time to attend the session ‘live’ so that I am able to give you direct feedback. If however, you cannot make it at 1pm the classes will be recorded and available to download/save for a limited time.

To register fill out the sign up form and send payment of $101.70 via e-transfer to anne@innerquietyoga.ca

If you are not comfortable with online banking other payment arrangements can be made.

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