Daily Classes and Summer Somatics

IQYDaily Classes – July 6 – August 14

Hatha yoga asana classes that take you through a thorough five day practice. Moving through a weekly arc of classes focused on floor work, standing practice, flow, movement meditation and restorative techniques. Access to daily online classes Monday – Friday 10 – 11am. If you can’t make it to the live stream these classes are available to download for a limited time if you subscribe to the series. This offering also includes a weekly mudra meditation and weekly yoga nidra/guided meditation. Six weeks $101.70

Body Ease Somatics Online – July 13 – 29

Biweekly classes Monday and Wednesday 1 – 2pm. Simple practices to improve mobility, reduce pain and improve function. Somatic practices are simple physical movement done with present moment awareness to improve brain-body communication. Fill your toolbox, feel better. Six classes $101.70

To Register: contact anne@innerquietyoga.ca

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