Spring Update – spring break, classes and viruses

Spring Break – March 14 – 29

Spring Classes – March 30 – June 19 – Register Now

  • Yoga + Meditationmoving into stillness, contemplation…Mondays 8am, Thursdays 7pm
  • Moveasana focus, vinyasa flow….Mondays 5:15pm, Wednesdays 7pm
  • Lunchtime Revitalizeinvigorate, strengthen, balance…Mondays 1pm – March 9 – May 11
  • Yoga Integrationdeepen, expand, integrate your skills…Mondays 7pm, Fridays 8am
  • Body Ease Somaticsawaken connection, function and form…Tuesdays 10am
  • Be Gentle Yogaease, strength, grace…Tuesdays 2pm, Thursdays 10am
  • Bamboo Barre Yogaalign naturally, balance, empower…Tuesdays 5:15pm – March 31 – May 12
  • Yoga Tonicsoothed, toned, resilient…Tuesdays 7pm, Wednesdays 10am
  • Yoga Basicsfundamentals, start where you are…Thursdays 5:30pm – April 2 – May 7
  • Friday Sootherde-stress, change gears, stay strong…Fridays 12:15pm
  • Yoga Nidraguided meditation, deep relaxation…Wednesdays 5:30pm – April 1, 15 and 29, May 13 and 27, June 10
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COVID – 19 Measures

  • When you return to class please bring your own yoga mat. If you can’t acquire a yoga mat between now and the start of class the studio mats have been disinfected and while they last will be available to purchase for $5.
  • Please bring your own eye pillow, block and any other equipment you might need. The studio will keep blankets and bolsters available. (cleaning protocol in place)
  • Please stay home if you are sick.
  • If you have been traveling please observe the 2 week quarantine recommended by the ministry of health.
  • If you have paid for the session and are unable to be in class due to illness the usual make-up class steps apply or your missed classes can be forwarded to the next session. We are working on on-line options as well.
  • If your class is canceled due to instructor illness the missed classes will be added to the end of the session – cancellations will be announced on the Home Page/Facebook/Instagram/email list
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