Fall Workshop Series

There are several workshops and short series on offer this fall. Check out more information on the Workshop page as the dates come up.

Moving Into Fall

with Anne Ryan

restless, cold, difficulty sleeping or staying focused, ungrounded, dry, sore joints, catching every cold and flu that passes by….
This workshop gives you tools to move into the fall season with health and well-being. A balancing and grounding yoga practice and daily practices that help nourish the joints and bolster the immune system.

Sunday Sept 28, 2104     10am – 12noon


to register: anne@innerquietyoga.ca or 705-745-7727

The Six Virtues That Lead To Highest Happiness: A Tibetan View With Lama Lena

Lama Lena (Yeshe Kaytup), a Dzogchen and Mahamudra meditation master in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, returns to Peterborough and will teach at Inner Quiet Yoga studio during the
weekend of Oct 4-5.  All are welcome to attend regardless of experience.

INNER QUIET YOGA – 172 Brock St.

Sat October 4th ~ 2:00 pm, Session One

Sat October 4th ~ 7:00 pm, Session Two

Sun October 5th~ 2:00 pm, Session Three  (sessions will be approx. 1.5 – 2hrs)

For info about either event or to register for teachings at IQY contact
 Sharon: sharontashi@hotmail.com


5 “A’s” to Rewiring Your Inner Dialogue: Tools to Quiet the Inner Critic

with Pamela Van Nest

In these five weeks we will explore the 5 “A’s” of moving from being a captive of our Inner Critic to aligning with our Wise One Within. We will explore where this universal phenomena came from and how to work with it to eliminate self defeating inner dialogue. We will learn tools and techniques that we can apply in any moment, literally beginning to rewire our inner dialogue from negativity to positivity, from self doubt to self confidence.


Saturdays 10 – 11:30am    Oct 11 – Nov 8, 2014     5 weeks



Deepening Your Meditation Practice 

with Sharon Davison

This 4-week series will look at simple guidelines and practical activities to help us deepen a meditation practice. Traditional and non-traditional suggestions assist with our meditation practice and can connect us with our natural state of clarity, calm and aliveness. Whether you are new to meditation, have a practice that you would like to refresh or you would like to join together with others, you are welcome!

Oct 19- Nov 9th,    Sunday’s 6:30 – 8:00pm     4 wks. $99


Some Yoga Tools for Coping With Anxiety

with Anne Ryan

In our fast paced world many of us suffer from the disruptive and sometimes debilitating effects of anxiety. Anxiety has a powerful impact on our bodies and minds, from chronic pain to restlessness, insomnia to overwhelming worries, a mind that can’t settle and a body that’s exhausted. Yoga provides tools to help us cope with and reduce anxiety. Helping us find our balance and a greater sense of internal peace. In this workshop you discover practices to calm your body and quiet your mind.

Sunday Nov 16, 2014      10am – 12noon





with Anne Ryan

Heart opening asana practice combined with chanting and meditation to lead you on a creative journey to find your bhavanas, Bhavanas are heartfelt intentions that set into motion a spiritual path or direction.

Sunday Dec 7, 2014        10am – 12noon






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    • Anne Ryan says:

      HI Jodie, Not sure if you received my previous response…the Ayurveda four week series has been postponed. Dates TBA spring/summer 2016. Thanks for your interest.
      – Anne

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